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Now you can install our wallet on your smartphone. Check our mobile applications. 

Android (Google play)

0.3.5 06 November 2020

iOS (AppStore)

0.3.5 06 November 2020

Download Desktop TecraCoin Wallets

Have you purchased or are going to buy TecraCoin? Have you received AirDrop? Download the most current wallet for one of the operating systems: Windows, MacOS or Linux and manage your own TecraCoins.


ver. Release date: 21.11.2020


ver. Release date: 21.11.2020


ver. Release date: 21.11.2020


There are few step to install and update your wallet

If you’ve already downloaded the desktop wallet be sure to backup your wallet before upgrading, it is very IMPORTANT. 

Steps how to make a backup:

  1. You need to wait till the wallet is fully synchronized 
  2. File → Backup Wallet
  3. When you click, it will save the file as a wallet.dat 
  4. You can also save it on an additional external device such as a USB flash drive, to be sure your wallet is safe.
  5. You will get a notification saying TecraCoin backup is fully successful 
  6. Download the latest version of our Desktop Wallet.
  7. Run the latest version→ next→ next→ next→ install→ next→ finish 
  8. If you install it in the same place as the old wallet, everything should get updated. You do not have to do anything with the backup file, BUT just in case save it in another safe place and then create the new wallet.

If you do have to restore your wallet :

  1. Start windows→ search %appdata% → files folder→ The name of your backup folder(E.g.: TecraCoin folders) → wallet.dat
  2. You will replace wallet.dat that you’ve saved before on your computer or on external device with the new wallet.dat
  3. Drag the (old) backup wallet.dat and drop it to the file 
  4. It will ask you: do you want to overwrite the new wallet with the old wallet?→ yes  
  5. You will see all of the coins and everything in the wallet as it was before
  6. Done!

How to recover your wallet:

If something goes wrong with your computer and you don’t have access to your wallet, you will see the error message, don’t worry and just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to TecraCoin page→ download→ choose your operating system→ download the wallet again
  2. This wallet is empty because it is the new wallet 
  3. Follow the steps of restoring the wallet
  4. Done!

How to reindex your wallet:

First of all you need to check if your wallet is up to date with the network:

  1. Open up your wallet 
  2. On the bottom-right corner, you will see the check mark, hold the cursor on it 
  3. Then you will see the number of block (For example: block 267869)
  4. You will check the website then you will see that you are at the current block and it is synchronized with the network
  5. Done!

If your wallet stucks at a certain block and is not synchronized with the network then you need to reindex your wallet. The instruction below explains how to do it step by step: 

Option 1:

Open your wallet folder, right click wallet-qt.exe file and click on create shortcut. Now right click the shortcut file, click on properties and edit the field labeled as target.

By default it should be something like this: "C:\Program Files\TecraCoin\tecracoin-qt.exe"

To reindex the wallet, the target field should look like this: "C:\Program Files\TecraCoin\tecracoin-qt.exe" -reindex

Make sure that your target field looks exactly as the one above, so there should be a space after exe”. Once -reindex flag has been added to the end of the “Target” parameter, click apply and then OK. Now, open this shortcut file to reindex your wallet. Once your wallet is fixed, close your wallet and delete the shortcut file or you can keep it and use it whenever necessary. But do note that DO NOT USE these commands to open your wallet every time. It is only to repair your wallet and once your wallet is fixed it is no longer needed.


Option 2:

PC: Open terminal (cmd):

1. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\TecraCoin\tecracoin-qt.exe"

2. Add: -reindex -> "C:\Program Files\TecraCoin\tecracoin-qt.exe -reindex"

Mac: Run terminal application:

1. Open terminal.

2. Go to Finder -> Applications 

3. Right click on TecraCoin Core

4. Show package content

5. Then Contents -> MacOs -> 

6. Drag file "TecraCoin-qt" and drop on terminal. 

7. In the end write -reindex and hit enter. For example this is how it should look like: 

MacBook-Pro-User:~ User$ /Applications/ -reindex

8. Wallet will start and make reindex. 

Linux: Use command line and navigate to your wallet folder. If your wallet is open then first stop it (./wallet-cli stop ). Then restart the daemon using the necessary command.


  1. Before you do anything you need to wait till the wallet is fully synchronized 
  2. Tnodes→ statues→ enabled  
  3. File→ Backup Wallet
  4. Since you click, it will save as a wallet.dat 
  5. You can save it on an another external device like a USB flash drive
  6. You will get a notification saying: TecraCoin backup is fully successful
  7. Download the latest version
  8. Done!

For people running a masternode you will copy the script below and copy it to your VPS:

Scrypt to do Masternode update on VPS :

pkill -9 tecracoind

cd ~

rm -f tnode.tar.gz


tar xzvf tnode.tar.gz

cd ~/tecracoin-1.6.1/bin

./tecracoind -reindex

sleep 10

./tecracoin-cli getinfo

How to import a Tecra wallet:

You only need to copy-paste your exported wallet.dat file into the right directory.

1. Install Tecra wallet.

2. Open the Tecra application.

3. Click Help.

4. Click Debug venster (in English probably Debug window).

5. Find the path after the Data map (in English probably Data folder) (For instance ‘C:\Users\Arrrvin\AppData\Roaming\tecracoin’).

6. Open this directory on your computer. You will find the present wallet.dat file there.

7. Close the Tecra wallet.

8. Replace the aforementioned wallet.dat file with your new saved wallet.dat file.

9. Open your Tecra wallet.

10. Done!

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