Project Idea

Welcome to the Tecra investment space

Technology improves the world and does it constantly. Our goal is to streamline this irreversible process and mark our role in transforming the civilization. As Tecra Team, we have created an Internet platform for raising capital that will support the commercialization of high technologies protected by patents.

By using a Blockchain-based distributed ledger, we can guarantee the transparency of investments based on TecraCoin.


Investing in greatest ideas

Through the creation of transparent system of capital movement based on Tecra Blockchain, we will provide our investors with the most promising projects.

Tecra offers access to the most experienced lawyers and specialists from the Kostrzyn Slubice Special Economic Zone, who have invested hundreds of millions of zloty, e.g. Zalando or BMW.

We are going to create a website platform where scientists will be able to submit their ideas. After verification by the Tecra scientific team and taking into consideration the community voting, all prospective projects will be directed for commercialization.


Powerful possibilities

Due to our wealth of experience in the field of investments and extensive business contacts, each Tecra technology project receives a guarantee of its usefulness and future profits in business.

Tecra Coin will create a friendly place for investors using Blockchain technology. Without the need for long and complicated legal consultations.

Blockchain is an open ledger. Tecra ensures that the investment capital movement and implementation processes will be verifiable at every stage, e.g. through the client’s panel on the website.


Cryptocurrency of viable business

The biggest advantage of TecraCoin is the possibility of purchasing shares for it in companies producing real products (e.g. graphene).

Blockchain is a community. We are close to the idea of Satoshi Nakamoto, that is a distributed ledger. Therefore, PoW is not only a bow towards miners but also towards an equitable distribution.

TecraCoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies based on PoW, behind which there is a viable business (planned implementation of graphene factories and development of graphene technologies and in the future of medical technologies).


Production of graphene and graphene nanocomposites

Graphite oxide and reduced graphite oxide

The material for preparing graphene forms, it’s biologically active (anti-fouling paints, composite materials in medicine), precursor in applying vacuum plasma spraying method on graphene, catalyst.

Expanded graphene flakes

The material that is mainly used for industrial purposes (catalysis, water and air filters), additive for paints and varnishes, high-capacity capacitors. A matrix for metal and non-metal oxide nanoparticles.

Graphene foam

For catalytic and optical applications. It has a very large specific surface area and low density. Size up to a few centimeters. A possibility to make a composite with metal and metal oxide particles as well as with silica.


State of Art of Industrial Graphene Applications

– Laser induced white lighting of graphene foam
– Graphene vaccum bulbs as source of high efficiency solar-like lighting
– Graphene vacuum bulbs with the addition of metallic components
– Graphene white lighting for automotive application
– Electron tube with electron emission on grapheme instead of thermo-emission
– High power microwave lamps as source lightning for street and large areas
– Propulsion of object with graphene in the vacuum
– Behavior of graphene in liquids: cavitation and acoustical effects,  super ballistic effect
– Hydrogen production using graphene reforming process on liquids


The future of science in your hands

Imagine a place where every enlightened patent-based thought can be implemented and made available for consumers. A place where scientists hidden in laboratories or old halls can openly present their ideas and the community built around Tecra project will vote which technologies should be financed.

Technologies that indeed are changing the world!

TecraCoin experts choose the most promising projects and give them to the community with purchased TecraCoins to vote.

Tecra establishes a special purpose vehicle with a selected project and commercializes this project.

Investors who have TecraCoins can sell them on the stock exchange or hold them for the duration of the investment and receive dividends in return.

In the next project Tecra releases another TCR as part of ICO and collects funds for the next project.



TECRA Project was established for the purpose of issuing TecraCoin, an investment cryptocurrency that allows to carry out VENTURE CAPITAL activities based on dispersed capital.

TecraCoin is a tool based on a Blockchain technology that guarantees a secure participation in an investment fund. In spite of a centralized fund administration unit, Tecra ensures their customers independent payments, resulting from having the cryptocurrency, in an automated and regular way.

The investment portfolio will be high technologies (high-tech industry) suitable for market and industrialization, such as graphene, quantization of matter, gel that heals diabetic wounds – most often protected by patents.

  • From the funds collected in BTC / ETH, TECRA will provide 70% of premining value for the first investments.
  • The value of collected funds necessary to carry out all planned investments (production of graphene, implementation of the quantization of matter and the production of an innovative gel that heals wounds) is about 10 mln USD.
  • In addition to profits on exchange differences, program Masternodes and Tecra dividends will allow for a stable annual growth of the investment capital at the level of 7% to 18% per annum. It will depend on the amount of TCR (cryptocurrency units) customers have.


About TecraCoin


  • Coin Name TecraCoin
  • Coin Symbol TCR
  • Block time 2.5 min.
  • Diff func Dark Gravity Wave
  • Total Coin Supply: 210 000 000
  • Coins in premine: 21 000 000
  • Initial block reward: 112.5 TCR
  • Halving interval: 840000 blocks, ~4 years
  • PoW algorithm: Lyra2z: Blake256 first round and Lyra2 (timecost = 8, r=c=8)

The reward for mining first block (21 000 000 TCR, 10% of all coins) is considered premine and goes to founders.

During first 600 blocks of running network, prize for every block except premine is split between founders, investors

  • miner reward 1%
  • dev team reward 10%
  • science project reward 79%
  • dividend program 10%
  • After 600 block and in first 3 months of running network
  • miner reward 1%
  • dev team reward 10%
  • science project reward 40%
  • masternodes reward 39%
  • dividend program 10%
  • During another 6 months of running network
  • miner reward 40%
  • dev team reward 10%
  • science project reward 20%
  • masternodes reward 15%
  • dividend program 15%
  • During another 9 months of running network
  • miner reward 30%
  • dev team reward 10%
  • science project reward 20%
  • masternodes reward 20%
  • dividend program 20%
  • During another 12 months of running network
  • miner reward 20%
  • dev team reward 10%
  • science project reward 20%
  • masternodes reward 25%
  • dividend program 25%

Road Map

Our team works hard…

June 2018
  • Launch of works on Blockchain
July 2018
A letter of intent with INTBiS
  • Signing letters of intent with the Institute of Low Temperatures and Structure Research
August 2018
  • First TecraCoin Testnet
September 2018
Establishment of Tecra Company
  • Signing a notarial deed and establishing Tecra Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.)
September 2018
Second Testnet
  • Second TecraCoin Testnet
October 2018
Private Sale
  • Start of a private sale
October 2018
  • Launch of TecraCoin Mainnet
November 2018
Listing to first exchange
  • We are on Kanga Exchange
December - February 2019
Public Sale
  • Start of public sale
February 2019
Change rewards + Mining
  • Public mining
March 2019
  • Investing in graphene technology
April 2019
  • Entering another exchange
April 2019
  • New wallet (mobile and desktop)
April 2019
  • New dividend program
May 2019
Community tech project
  • Launch of the first tech project selected by the Tecra community
June 2019
Big exchange
  • Listing to other exchange
Meet us

Our team

The Tecra Team combines a passion for esports, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Robert Anacki

Łukasz Gromek

Przemysław Karda

Krystian Kowalczyk

Krzysztof Podolski

Prof. Wiesław Stręk
Science Expert

Prof. Andrzej Jeżowski
Science Expert

Łukasz Marciniak PhD
Board Advisor

Dariusz Hreniak PhD
Science Expert

Dariusz Biały PhD
Science Expert

Mikołaj Łukaszewicz
Science Expert

Anna Wędzyńska
Science Expert

Krzysztof Kielec
Business Expert

Andrzej Kail
Business Expert

Robert Brandt
Legal Expert

Maciej Partyka
Blockchain Developer

Filip Nasiadko
Project Manager

Daniel Borowski
Blockchain Developer

Michał Tomaka
Art Director

Krzysztof Łosiak
Frontend Developer

Radosław Struniawski
Senior Programmer

Kaja Kretschmer
Community Expert

Anna Karda
Community Expert

Marcin Godlewski
Marketing Expert

Michał Zieliński


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