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Without risk, you can't create anything new

Technology improves the world and does it constantly. Our goal is to streamline this irreversible process and mark our role in transforming the civilization.

ICO was successful

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On January 17 2020, we finished a public ICO TecraCoin. Investments in Tecra are currently only available to private investors and VC funds. Click to read more.

What next?

Watch our story

A picture is worth a thousand words. Watch a video presenting the idea of TecraCoin. Find out directly from the team members how we organized the project in order to eliminate the risks and achieve the intended goals.

For Scientists

Investing in greatest ideas


  • Restricted access to capital for the commercialization of patents.
  • A long legal process from the start of research to commercialization.
  • Lack of technology standardization as well as a consistent quality policy.

Our solution:

  • Through the creation of a transparent system of capital movement based on Tecra Blockchain and using TecraCoin currency, we will provide our investors with the most promising projects.
  • Tecra offers access to the most experienced lawyers and specialists from, among others, the Kostrzyn Slubice Special Economic Zone, who have invested hundreds of millions of zloty, in companies such as Zalando or BMW. Thanks to their experience and trust of our investors, we will accelerate the process of the project implementation.
  • We will create a website platform where scientists will be able to submit their ideas. After being verified by the Tecra scientific team and taking into consideration the community voting, all prospective projects will be directed to commercialization.

For Investors


  • Limited trust to the world of science and new technologies.
  • A long legislation process from the start of research to commercialization.
  • Lack of space for safe investment in high end technologies.

Our solution:

  • The Tecra team are specialists in their industry. Due to our wealth of experience in the field of investments and extensive business contacts, each Tecra technology project receives a guarantee of its usefulness and future profits in business.
  • Using Blockchain technology, Tecra Coin will create a friendly place for investors. Without the need for long and complicated legal consultations.
  • Blockchain is an open ledger. Tecra ensures that the investment capital movement and implementation processes will be verifiable at every stage, e.g. through the client’s panel on the website.

For the Community


  • A large number of cryptocurrencies that don’t give any real benefits.
  • A small selection of promising projects based on PoW consensus.
  • Lack of Blockchain-based projects with access to a real business.

Our solution:

  • The biggest advantage of TecraCoin is the possibility of purchasing shares for it in companies producing real products (e.g. Graphene).
  • Blockchain is a community. We are close to the idea of Satoshi Nakamoto, that is a distributed ledger. Therefore, PoW is not only a bow towards miners but also towards a fair distribution.
  • TecraCoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies based on PoW, behind which there is a viable business (planned implementation of Graphene factories and development of Graphene technologies as well as medical technologies in the future)

Welcome to the TecraCoin (Scientific ICO) investment space

Technology improves the world and does it constantly. Our goal is to streamline this irreversible process and mark our role in transforming the civilization. As the Tecra team, we have created an Internet platform for raising capital that will support the commercialization of high end technologies protected by patents. By using a Blockchain-based distributed ledger, we can guarantee the transparency of the investments based on TecraCoin. 

Our idea unites three groups of clients:



Investing in greatest ideas. Paraphrasing A. Clarke, the world of magic and technology, that is the world of scientists.

show problems & solutions


the world of business and capital, a place where investors learn patent- protected technology and commercialize its value in useful and prospective companies

show problems & solutions


the community of miners. Thanks to their work, their computing power and many hours of discussions about Blockchain, we can now develop Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision into the PoW model.

show problems & solutions

Graphene First

First things first. Our team's several months' analysis determined the choice of graphene as the first technology for commercialization. The advancement of laboratory tests allows us to believe that graphene and its applications will find the widest markets.

Tecra Ltd. in cooperation with INTiBS (Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research) has patented methods production of a wide range of graphene materials, such as graphene flakes, graphene oxide and threedimensional forms of graphene in the form of graphene foam.

Examples fields in which graphene finds application:


The properties of graphene materials produced by INTiBS PAN have the amazing impact on properties on chemical products such as:

  • Lacquer (hydrophobicity of graphene has the brilliant impact on anticorrosive properties of lacquer)
  • Greases (Addition of Graphene flakes gives a big benefits in terms of coefficient of friction reduction)
  • Tyres (Simultaneously reduces resistance and increases grip in tyres)
  • Filters (Using of Graphene foams structure as filter membranes – excellent adsorption properties)
  • Catalysis (Component of graphene with metals and metal oxides can be used for catalysis and photocatalysis)

Due to the antibacterial properties of graphene oxide can be used in medical accessories like bandage, gels, ointments etc.. The first research shows that graphene coating of medical stents, intramedullary rods and others implants leads to greater likelihood of acceptance by human body


Graphene materials will be significant role in energy area. The porous form of graphene exhibit great properties to use as active material in new energy saving light sources. In comparison to LEDs and fluorescent lamps light from graphene has a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) and spectrum similar to sunlight.

The graphene is the efficient catalyst in hydrogen production. Using new technologies will be possible to build low-cost portable hydrogen generators for hydrogen engines.

Other graphene applications


graphene distributes the impact force better than any other material. This allows the production of a more durable helmet, improving the safety.


Other graphene applications


Graphene-polyimide fiber can bring new product in- novation and upgrade to the traditional polyimide fiber industry. In addition to its excellent mechani- cal properties such as high strength.


Other graphene applications


Ultrafiltration membrane (wastewater treatment, municipal water supply, seawater desalination).


List of our patents

Click and discover an listing of the most relevant patents we have in the space. Further filings are planned.

Our patents

New Source of White Light

Laser inducted white light of graphene foam.

European Union directives have withdrawn from the lighting market incandescent lamps, characterized by a visible broadband emission advantage to the human eye. The white color of currently used ener- gy-efficient LED sources and fluorescent lamps is created by mixing colors, which is reflected in a low color rendering index.

Our solution combines the advantages of these white light sources, as an energy-saving source of white light with a spectrum similar to sunlight. The team of experts is working on improving the active material and producing a MVP for a device.

The Advantages

The Advantages

The obtained results showed that the broadband white light generated with the infrared laser, with its spectrum similar to sunlight, and the high energy efficiency of the process indicates a large implementation potential. Solutions developed so far will become the basis for the construction of innovative energy-saving light sources constructed as part of the implemented project. The innovative solution resulting from the project will be a direct competitor to lighting technologies based on LED diodes. The development of the technology presented in the project will allow to create a source of light, which with color temperature and degree of color rendering will be very similar to sunlight. 

The result of the work will be a solution with a high potential for commercialization.

Hard to reach places or with poor sunshine

Better Photosintesis

The broadband emission of graphene similar to sunlight causes that this energy-saving light source can be used for efficient photosynthesis in area with short day like polar circle

Hard to reach places or with poor sunshine


graphene by invisible beam of laser give the possibility of lighting area without possibility of connection by electricity or optical fiber

Hard to reach places or with poor sunshine

Without a spark

The optical fiber connection between excitation source and lightbulb with graphene foam causes that this light source is safety in dangerous conditions, when is a high concentration of hydrogen or methane in air like coal mine, cowshed etc.

Our Products

Graphene High-Power Lighting

As the first scientific research shows, the graphene foam obtained by Tecra Science Team shows great potential in its application in high power lighting devices excited by microwave techniques. These devices are characterized by emission efficiency that allows them to be applied in street lighting or lighting large areas such as sports halls.

Tecra Ltd. is looking for an investor ready for cooperation and development of the invention, which is currently at the third level of technological readiness.

The Advantages

The Advantages

In the technology developed by our scientific team, the graphene materials used show the stability of radiation over time. As a result of the emission of radiation there are no slow chemical reactions that can lead to degradation of the material, so the life of the product will be much longer. This is especially important for special applications.

Hard to reach places or with poor sunshine

A Longer Life of a Light Source

The non-temperature phenomena based on ionization processes causes an excellent stability of active element of light source

Hard to reach places or with poor sunshine

High Brightness

The high power microwave excitation system similar to sulphur lamp allows to achieve the luminous flux higher than 100,000 lm for lighting large area like lighting sport hall, stadium etc.

Hard to reach places or with poor sunshine

Energy Efficiency

The first research shows that energy efficiency of Graphene High Power Light Source is higher than 100 lm/W


Be a part of hi-tech revolution. Get TecraCoins!

We offer participation in the Tecra investment fund, which through the release and purchase of TecraCoins (cryptocurrency) built on the lyra2z hash algorithm and based on Zcoin and Bitcoin, enables investing into the development of high-end patent-based technologies and then their commercialization. You can buy them using our ICO system that is divided into several stages:

Private Sale

Private Sale

We have created special, dedicated sales conditions for TecraCoin early investors. The offer includes less than 2 million TCR. Those who take the biggest risk with us gain the most when buying TCR at the lowest price, gaining the opportunity to run the first Masternodes that allow you to increase the level of ownership.



Increase your ownership by running Masternodes. By purchasing a minimum of 10,000 TCRs and by starting a node in the TECRA network, you help us to build the infrastructure protecting our blockchain network. You thus get a better price and the opportunity to multiply the amount of TecraCoin.

Public Sale

Public Sale

Public sale is off. Only private investors and VC funds are allowed join the group of TecraCoin owners, helping to commercialize patented hi-tech inventions. Buying today you get an attractive price. The sale has been divided into stages - 5th of each month the price will increase by USD 0.10.


A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Find out about the most important milestones that we plan in the project.

JUNE 2018


Launch works on TecraCoin Blockchain

JULY 2018

A letter of intent with INTBiS

Signing letters of intent with the Institute of Low Temperatures and Structure Research



First TecraCoin Testnet


Establishment of Tecra Company

Signing a notarial deed and establishing Tecra sp. z o.o. (Ltd.)



Second TecraCoin Testnet



Launch TecraCoin Mainnet


Private Sale

Start a private sale

JAN - DEC 2019

Public Sale

Start a public sale

MAY 2019

New Payment Gateway

Added another payment gateway

May/July 2019

Change of hashing algorithm

Change of hashing algorithm (MTP)

NOV 2019

Tecra mobile wallet

Mobile apps and crypto wallet (copay).

July 2020

Crypto interest

New Crypto Interest System


MN program

Preparation of one click MN program


Tecra Blockchain improvement

Changing the current hash function (SHA-256) to another one selected during the study (e.g. Keccak, SHA-3).

Increase tps to minimum 70 transaction  per second.

Change of block size mechanism. 


Graphene bulb

Preparation of graphene bulb, second version of working prototype. 


Komodo dPoW implementation

Increased security of PoW algorithm

Q4 2020


Listing on crypto-exchange


Investment platform (MVP)

Launch Beta version of investment platform.

April 2021

New Mobile Wallets

Brand new mobile wallets. 

MAY 2021

Blockchain Explorer

Brand new and user friendly blockchain explorer.

June 2021

Tecra Smart Contracts

New smart contracts for tokenization of assets (SDK and SK).

July 20201

Tecra mining program

Advance software to mining not only TecraCoins but also all PoW crypto. 

March 2022

Tecra DEX

Full version of Tecra DEX platform. 

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