Initial Coin Offering Tiers - Get to know our current table

Get to know our TecraCoin sales plan. Over time, the price will increase. Remember! When you buy TecraCoins, you support development of science.

We present our table of changes that will follow TecraCoin's issue price

Be on board early, buy low, sell high.

TecraCoin Table

Tiers periodsBulk TecraCoin priceMasternode priceTecraCoin pricePeriods
From 17 January 2019$ 0.75 USD$ 1.00 USD$ 1.25 USD
From 1 March 2019CONTACT US$ 1.25 USD
$ 1.50 USD

From 1 April 2019CONTACT US$ 1.50 USD
$ 1.75 USD

From 1 May 2019CONTACT US$ 1.75 USD
$ 2.00 USD

From 1 June 2019CONTACT US$ 2.00 USD
$ 2.25 USD

From 1 July 2019CONTACT US$ 2.25 USD
$ 2.50 USD

Time is running out, don't miss your chance

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