The polish cryptocurrency TecraCoin will support modern technologies.

At the turn of August and September, the TecraCoin cryptocurrency will be launch, which will support the financing of the patented high technologies. At the turn of 2018 and 2019, graphene production based on collected funds will start.

03 August 2018

Tecra project

The Tecra company is to be established in August this year. Its main objective will be the issue of TecraCoin - an investment cryptocurrency that allows venture capital operations based on dispersed capital. TecraCoin is to be an instrument based on Blockchain technology, guaranteeing secure participation in an investment fund. At the same time, the cryptocurrency is supposed to be a tool independent of the centralized unit administering the fund. The investment portfolio will be the so-called high technologies (high-tech industry) suitable for marketization or industrialization. These are, for example, graphene, quantization of matter, gel that heals diabetic wounds, etc. The company is to put on patents protected by patents. The project team consists of people who have been operating on the cryptocurrency, IT and marketing market for years. An additional substantive support will be people from the world of science. Our editorial team also came to the information that among the team members are, among others, owners of one of the largest crypto-currency mines in Poland based on the GPU. "The companies in which we will invest will be managed by professional managers implementing projects with capitalization ranging from several hundred million to several billion zlotys a year, for brands such as BMW, Zalando" - says Robert Anacki related to the project.


The project cryptocurrency is a fork of Zcoin cryptocurrencies with a huge amount of modifications. The founders ensure that they have a own dev team working on the coin. They assure that "it will be the first cryptocurrency in Poland with a large community of people digging cryptocurrencies, but with elements of PoS / Masternodes". - We are flying to China in September to promote graphene at the largest world conference (2,500 entities), we have government support in this area - assures Anacki - We cooperate with the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship, we have letters of intent signed by research institutes. At the moment when we collect funds, patents that protect the production of  graphene will become part of our portfolio. Then we will commercialize them. ICO is to take off in September, and the funds are to be "collected in an interesting model by the end of the year." Then the first special purpose company for graphene production will be created.- Yesterday we signed a letter of intent with the research institute in Wroclaw - Anacki finished with satisfaction.

We will get to know more details about the project soon.

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