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TecraCoin reveals the cards - the next meeting with the authors of the project on April 4th.

TecraCoin continues its media and business offensive. Next Thursday there will be another opportunity to meet the creators of the startup.

02 April 2019

By Jacek Walewski

TecraCoin is becoming an increasingly interesting project on the Polish (and global) market. The authors stress that they want to support the development of modern technologies, which are quite neglected in Poland. First, they plan to support the development of graphene. However, there are other solutions waiting in the queue, e.g. gel that heals diabetic wounds.

Other patents prepared for commercialization include:

- a method for producing an expanded graphene structure in the form of powder or foam intercalated with nanoparticles of metal;

- way of generating white light using graphene matrix;

- a method for manufacturing a lighting device with a graphene matrix;

- method of producing stable graphene-silica composites.

Direction: innovation

The Tecra group has already had several successes: it has established cooperation with the governmental administration of Poland, signed the first letters of intent with research institutes or signed agreements with law firms, which constitute advisory resources. In addition, the project was promoted at conferences and trade shows in Saudi Arabia and China. The company also received invitations to Taiwan and the graphene trade show in Berlin.

Once the necessary funds are collected, patents protecting the production of e.g. graphene will become part of the company's portfolio and their commercialization will start. The recipients are to be large chemical plants that are interested in graphene as an admixture for paints, or, for example, launching the production of specialized medical lighting.


The company has sent us a description of its cryptocurrency:

TecraCoin cryptocurrency will be based on a modified Zcoin fork. This is the first cryptocurrency in Poland with a large community of people involved in the so-called mining, and the main method of blockchain network security will be PoW with elements of PoS and Masternodes. The TecraCoin project has a unique model of issuing and returning funds from the companies in the portfolio.

TecraCoin cryptocurrency is extracted mainly on the basis on the so-called proof-of-work algorithm (proof of work) using the equipment - GPU-based mining rigs.

A specific part of cryptocurrencies is granted to persons / entities having so-called masternodes - i.e. servers with adequate computing power used to maintain the entire network belonging to people who have a certain number of TecraCoin cryptocurrencies,

A specific part of the extracted cryptocurrencies is automatically allocated to a dedicated portfolio designed for people securing TecraCoin's liquidity.


Those interested in the details of the project are welcome at the next MeetUp TecraCoin, which will take place on April 4th in Łódź at 19.00 in Hilton Hotel. The registration link is below:

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