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TecraCoin Meetup Graphene First warms up, this time in Łódz!

During yesterday's TecraCoin Meetup Graphene First - Łódz we presented once again the project functioning and applied solutions.

05 April 2019

During yesterday's TecraCoin Meetup Graphene First - Łódz we presented once again the project functioning and applied solutions. The meeting was divided into three modules. In the first module, Robert Anacki presented in detail the business model and answered any doubts associated with it. Another block concerned technical matters, where Przemysław Karda and Łukasz Gromek explained how blockchain was used in the project, presented the advantages of solutions implemented in TecraCoin, including functionality they were working at that time. At the end, Krzysztof Podolski discussed inventions that they planned to commercialize in the future and which constituted the core of the project. In the meantime, participants could sign up for AirDrop list, where everyone would get 10 TCR and out of which one person would be drawn to receive 100 TCR.

What’s important, the most doubts (what was right) concerned the period immediately after the ICO – questions were supported by historical data of other cryptocurrencies. Doubts were primarily related to the exchange rate of currency pairs, for example to the dollar – as very often just after launching the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies on open markets (both ways) a large part of investors by selling a cryptocurrency purchased in the ICO period, reduced its value (increasing supply, against the background of demand).

Indeed, most of the cryptocurrencies after the spectacular decline has a problem with raising the value of the project by raising the exchange rate. One of the reasons is that most of the projects that were mentioned on the meeting, solve technical problems – such as "faster", "safer", "more efficient" payment systems, or the dApps or smart contracts platforms. TecraCoin is something different - in fundamental assumptions blockchain is only technical support here, but software is not the core of the business. The value of TecraCoin is included in real products and companies, which we call for the commercialization of high technologies and their sales, whether in the form of licenses or finished products. Profits from these entities will be allocated for the purchase of our cryptocurrency from open exchanges - so the value of TecraCoin cryptocurrency reflects the value of sold graphene bulbs, T-shirts with graphene admixture, or the number of liters of paints whose properties we want to change by combining them with graphene. These are also other technologies which we will try to introduce into our portfolio in the next intervals - and the profits from their commercialization will allow real market valuation of TecraCoin every year.

In addition to the above-mentioned key issue - where the value will be given by the consumers market dependent on Tecra - and not traders speculating on cryptocurrency such as BTC - in our ecosystem we have included mechanisms that are to motivate to preserve ownership - e.g. through the deposit system that will be launched just in the period of entry into the open exchange. We believe that potentially lost profits, will positively influence investors' decisions to keep the state of ownership and increase the amount of TCR in portfolios.

What’s more, every major investor or people with a larger TecraCoin status have contractual restrictions on the number of TCRs available for sale per day.

We have worked hard to make investing in TecraCoin as safe as possible, but we honestly mark at every opportunity that the cryptocurrency market fluctuates dynamically and patience is crucial here. Due to the high risk it should be taken into consideration that there may be spectacular drops, but also increases - we can honestly present what actions we undertake, we have undertaken so far and we will undertake in the future that the project will develop and has real value.

After the meeting, many participants stayed to discuss the above-mentioned topics and to clarify the issues that attracted them. The project aroused great interest, as the guests asked for further dates of Meetup Graphene First.

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