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Tecra Weekly News (July 20–26)

We would like to introduce you to the next results of our weekly work.

26 July 2020

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TCR price (24.07.2020): 3.20 USD

TecraCoin Smart Deposit
Soon, Tecra will be introducing a new product — TecraCoin Smart Deposit. Its main objective is the optimization of accumulated capital. By putting TecraCoins in your TCR Smart Deposit, you can earn money at a much better interest rate (up to 30%). According to our long-term business model, by investing in our TecraCoin Smart Deposit, you can count not only on the stable profit return but also on the fact that TCR will increase in value.

Masternode configuration

A large part of our community has problems with creating a masternode so we decided to upload a new video to make it easier.

In the video, our blockchain developer Rafał Kiełbus explains thoroughly the complicated process of MasterNodes installation. This instruction provides a clear view of MasterNodes configuration as well as other processes related to that procedure.

Moreover, we would like to remind you that our developers are working on designing the «one-click MasterNode» option that enables users to set up MasterNode in just a few simple steps. «One-click MasterNode» is expected to be available at the end of September 2020. You can check updates here:

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One-click masternodes technical progress

Another thing our time has been working on last week is OneClick-Masternode and soon it will be easily accessible from your TCR mobile wallet. It was created in order to make the process of installing Masternodes easier and so that our users can have easier access to their investments.

Currently,we are working on improving the interface in our mobile wallet.

New payment gateway

This week we were working on the integration of the new payment gateway on the new website. It will take the form of an intuitive widget that will easily guide every user through the process of buying TecraCoin. Because of this improvement, you will be able to buy coins with a credit/debit card. For larger transactions, you will guide you through the KYC verification process.
This solution will make it easier for you to purchase TecraCoin quickly, as you will see soon.

Upgrading the main Core ( compliance stage)
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This week, according to the many requests of our society, we have established a new communication channel on WhatsApp.

You can join by click on the invite link:

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