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Tecra Weekly News (July 13–19)

We are going to review the important news of the last week!

19 July 2020

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Total supply: 60,014,786 TCR
TCR price (17.07.2020): 3.20 USD
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Upgrading the TecraCoin core wallet to version 14

Crypto wallet is the basic software needed to use the cryptocurrencies properly. Every blockchain of cryptocurrency must have its own basic wallet ( often used the desktop one), which in most cases is called by the name of the cryptocurrency and the word Core, for example, Bitcoin Core, Litecoin Core, etc. Every developing blockchain project has to implement updating in the core in order to make the system more secure and solid. And the crucial moment is the correct functionalization of the basic wallet. In the case of Tecra is “Tecra QT wallet”.
you can download it from the GitHub:
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This week, Teсra developers have prepared the first part of the update of the Tecra wallet. Since the blockchain used by Tecra is the fork of the recognized Zcoin blockchain, we are working on the upgrade from version 11 of the wallet core straight to version 14, along with the minor changes. The most significant reason for such changes was to enhance the masternodes and increase the safety of our blockchain.

Refining the appearance and usability of the new investment platform

This week we had a lot of work-related to designing a website, an investment platform. Particularly:

- the series of meetings with developers and designers.
- discussions over the homepage and its content, the first concept is ready
- we have also discussed the following page tabs: about, investor zone, Tecra blockchain

TecraCoin (TCR) is a cryptocurrency that will allow you to invest in projects on Tecra’s online platform for scientists and investors. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, investors will be guaranteed the safety and transparency of their investments. On the other hand, scientists or entrepreneurs will be able to raise capital for the development and commercialization of their projects.
Projects listed on the investment platform will have high scientific potential and will be marketable. An example is a graphene bulb, which reduces the emission of harmful blue light. In simple words, we can benefit from the more natural light that evolution has accustomed us to. An additional advantage is the energy-saving aspect of the invention. Other projects include an electric bicycle and a computer game.

The project team consists of people who have been engaged in the blockchain, IT and marketing market for years. Additional substantive support has to be provided by people from the world of science. The platform with all functionalities will be ready in 2020, though a lot will happen by then. We are actively looking for scientists and investors for our platform.

We are also working on increasing the size of blocks in our network.

Introducing 5 new employees

Tecra team is getting bigger. The blockchain advisor, backend developer, and 3 community managers joined the company. During the whole week, they were effectively engaged in technical, business, and marketing aspects of company development. They’ve already had a meeting with a physicist about graphene and the operation of a light bulb. The new members learned exactly how the light bulb works. They also participated in several sessions with CEO management, where they discussed business development strategies. The plan of actions was established. Having experience in blockchain projects and other industries, new employees inspired by Tecra projects are eager to apply their creative ideas for the development of the company and the blockchain community. They have already embarked on the development of Tecra core and investment platform.

New "beginner to advanced" series

We have also started a series of articles “beginner to advanced” for TecraCoin users. We explain the basics of using the cryptocurrency, the environment it operates in, how to carry out transactions and other important things for you. We’ll discuss the functions of the wallet and its upgrades. It will be both films and articles. We invite you to read the first of them:

We remind you that we signed a contract with the HotBit exchange

TecraCoin (TCR) will be listed at Hotbit in Q4 2020. We have chosen this trading platform as the first one because of its global reach and access to Asian markets. This is very important for Tecra’s business model. Blockchain development is a very advanced and complex business, and it is even harder to implement blockchain in this wide range of projects that Tecra is working on. What Tecra does is pioneering not only in Poland, but also in the entire world. The investment platform to be implemented will aim at the tokenization of research projects. According to a report by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), markets such as China, Japan and South Korea are the leading in the number of patents"

says Krzysztof Bochenek, Blockchain Advisor at TecraCoin.

He adds, “According to CoinGecko, Hotbit Exchange is one of the most trusted crypto platforms in the world, with a ranking of 9/10 “Trust Score”. The investment platform will operate on a regulated market, so the choice of trusted partners is crucial for its development.

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