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Tecra Weekly News (August 10–16)

It’s been a productive week for all of the divisions in our startup. Many important meetings and negotiations have been held, which clarified many questions in our operations.

16 August 2020

The website is now out of date.

Please visit our new website !

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Updated content of the platform

As you noticed from the previous weekly summary, we launched the Beta test of the platform. We are improving our new web page more and more every day. We’ve done many new tasks regarding the platform’s website this week.

As the Tecra focuses on the global market and Asian in particular, our page is being translated into Chinese, also the page has been translated into English and Polish, in the future, the page will also be translated into Russian and other languages. Among other things, we made an explanation guide about the platform.

We have prepared project descriptions so that every guest on our page can see what the company is working on. In this part, we’ll be able to read about: Description of the product or service, market and competition of this product, investment objectives, group of people who will work on the project, SWOT analysis, will present Roadmap, and published project documents. This description will allow our clients to keep track of ongoing projects, leave opinions on them, and invest in the development of new technologies.
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Tecra Space
is an investment platform that connects investors and creators in order to conveniently and safely raise the funds for innovative technological and scientific projects/startups.
Investors could reasonably analyze the project and make a decision about investments and profit from the further success of the projects.
Inventors, startups, and scientific institutions could quickly raise the capital for the development of their projects.
The aim of this platform is to make it easier for high-value projects to present to a wide range of investors.

Additionally, on our platform, the projects listed will have a whitepaper generator available. This week, our team members started working on creating a customizable template.
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Problems that our platform solves

One of the problems is that for the majority of projects, the traditional methods of raising the capital are extremely limited — requirements to provide stable income, difficult and lengthy access to investment funds. There are frauds in raising funds that may hinder the development of projects with very high commercialization potential.
Investors, on the other hand, are facing the pitfalls when the projects do not stand by terms and conditions of their obligations. There is a lack of traceability of funds spending. The complexity of balancing the interests of all the players and ensuring fair valuation of the (intellectual) assets and their chances for future success might lead to unprofitable investments.

Based on our own blockchain technology, tokenization of the projects can provide more traceability, transparency, and credibility. With token and smart contracts, we can automate the process of investment, funds allocation, and withdrawal. The implementation of smart contracts based on blockchain technology and tokenizations ensures the clarity of property rights and the identity of the patent owner. For investors, it is not only an opportunity to secure their funds but also a guarantee that projects will actually comply with their commitments according to smart contracts. For both parties, the blockchain solution provides transparency in the relationship.
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Tecra Space Platform will allow innovative projects to present themselves from all over the world

This will promote and support European academic scientific projects. And later we plan to expand into Asian markets. It is important to note that the European market is only the beginning of expansion for Tecra and eventually the greatest attention will be focused on foreign markets. We will accept projects from all over the world. Our mission is to provide scientific and technologically innovative projects the place where they can present their ideas to investors and to the world. Innovative projects are those that bring new value or solve current problems in a new way and can be patented. Examples include a graphene bulb, a photovoltaic farm, an electric bike, or a computer game.
Image for postImage for postDo you want to be a beta tester? Text us on any social media.

How Coin holders can benefit from the platform?
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This week, together with the CEO, we agreed on the planned distribution of commission for the completed projects on our investment platform. To benefit TecraCoin holders, we plan on distributing three percent of every successful project’s funds raised among all TCR holders (owning at least 1 coin on TCR Wallet) that will register at the platform.

We believe that this loyalty program will not only build a sense of connection between Tecra and our clients but will also motivate TecraCoin holders to engage in the voting and evaluation of prospective projects on Tecra Space platform.

All you need to do is to register an account on Tecra Space Platform. In the situation that you have a TecraCoin in your wallet, you will get a free commission from every successful project. How 7% will be distributed?

  • 2%: Tecra Space profit
  • 3%: registered TecraCoin holders
  • 2%: TecraCoins will be burned.

Tecra Space success is a success of every single TecraCoin holder

In October, the first graphene light bulb will be presented!

The next important thing was that we closed the fundraising for the development of the graphene light bulb and the first prototype of the finished product will be presented in October. This is a great success for us, because 1 800 000 PLN, or 400 000 EUR, were spent on its development. To analyze the activities of our project, we have developed a SWOT analysis, which you can find below.
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The data collected in the table above shows a clear vision of graphene-based technology’s benefits. Both internal and external features have the same impact on the perception of the attractiveness of the project. It is important to note the positive features, which include:

  • Strong scientific staff and a team of programmers
  • Prepared infrastructure for graphene production
  • The possibility of cooperation with a professional partner at the stage of project development The possibilities offered by the blockchain market, and so on.

These factors confirm the low level of project risk, especially in the context of a growing market and growing industrial-scale applications.

Fundraising for the new computer game!

The development of the graphene light bulb is not the only success achieved by our company. Funding has been received from the EU program “Gamein” to create a new project — video game! The game will be designed by the team from Spacewalkers.

If you don’t know, Spacewalkers is a group of experienced developers working on their game inspired by the world created by Polish sci-fi best selling author, Przemysław Karda.

They have decades of experience shared among the team, gained over many projects in well-established studios like Flying Wild Hog, Bloober Team, ONE MORE LEVEL, or Ancient Forge Studio. After creating a variety of games both independently and with publishers like Devolver, we decided to pool our resources, know-how, and passion to create a studio that will achieve even more. They make games in a premium Pay2Play model, sold typically through digital distribution platforms like Steam or Playstation Store. Their games are priced between $20 to $30 and are estimated to sell from 100k to 500k copies in the first year after launch.

Their first game, Interregnum Tactics (working title) is a turn-based strategy about survival in a post-apocalyptic world in which extraterrestrial civilizations wage war over ruins of Earth while ordinary people fight for survival. Humanity was decimated by a mysterious mind virus and the world was thrust into a new ice age while the magnetic poles abruptly shifted. The game offers a refreshing perspective of a group of ordinary people caught in events that transcend their understanding — their small tragedies quietly play out in the shadows of events that will decide the fate of the world.

Legal regulations

We are designing new products. One of our main priorities is compliance and aligning our business with all legal aspects and regulations. For this purpose, we cooperate with the best lawyers in the field of finance (and especially in the area of digitalization). As our products are pioneering in their kind, it is obvious that some subjects require a thorough inspection by the legal authorities. We are operating in the highly regulated market of cryptocurrency and intellectual property rights and it requires a careful approach and compliance with the actual regulatory. So we are in the process of setting regulations and legal substantiations of our new product, that take into account the interests of investors and other players on the market. We have hired an advanced lawyer that will regularly consult us in questionable matters as well as prepare a legit base for our business model.

Discussions over the risk reduction in investments

One of our target groups are academic institutions that are also interested in licensing projects. One of our partners is the spin-off company of one of the largest universities in Eastern Europe, which is closely affiliated with scientific projects and patents. Series of meetings were conducted in order to create an intention letter and draw responsibility between the parties. It was suggested what measures could be used to reduce investment risks.
In this regard, our partners would bring in and attract academic projects for our platform. Representing the university and orientated in a scientific atmosphere, the other party can select and advise projects with high commercial potential.
In a potential situation where investors would have doubts about the project execution phase, our partners guarantee the monitoring of all stages of project implementation as well as recruit and attract the best experts for the projects.
From our side, we will provide a platform for crowdfunding, attracting investors, creating project tokens, and offering blockchain solutions.

Moreover, we have prepared two articles for you.
One article explains Bitcoin emission and it will be interesting for beginners in the world of cryptocurrency.
The second one describes a beneficiary function of our investment pl

Technical work this week included our current projects, about which we wrote recently. Our developer team continues its work on:

  • one click masternode
  • new hash algorithm
  • core14 migration
  • TPS increase
  • dPoW
  • new international TCR payment gateway

For example, we had a few challenges that we needed to fix in our code. Screenshots below.
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隐私和安全性是必须的。这就是Tecra创建自己版本的区块链的原因。我们开发了自己的共识协议和智能合约。此外, 我们为客户提供电子钱包APP.




Tecra在国际竞赛The Startup Grand Slam(创业大满贯)中赢得了最佳区块链高科技投资基金的称号。

我们很荣幸介绍TecraCoin, TecraCoin智能存款和我们的主节点。


我们基于自己的区块链创建了一种加密货币 (based on, a nie secured by?)

Tecra Space
Tecra Space 是创新科学与投资相遇的地方。

TecraDEX 分散式交易所
Tecra 将推出一种世界上第一个分散式交易所之一

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