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Our project is the second highest rated ICO in the world!

The TecraCoin Project, which we have already mentioned many times, enjoys considerable reputation in the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO. Now, he has been highly rated by a prestigious portal.

13 March 2019

Recently, Robert Anacki, one of the co-founders of the project, told us about the details of the project. TecraCoin can boast of good ratings today on the international ICOBench platform. With 4.7, note it was recognized as the second best ICO project in recent times. The entire report can be found here.

Tecra! To the blackboard!

TecraCoin was analyzed in terms of the quality of the team, the product and overall vision.

Recently, the startup team has been joined by people, who are more widely known to the Polish cryptocurrency community. We are talking about prof. Krzysztof Piech and Filip Pawczynski, the president of the Polish Bitcoin Association. In addition, Tecra is headed by Robert Anacki, whom we recently interviewed, and several other people with a considerable experience in the blockchain, ICO, marketing and modern technologies market.

What’s the main product and vision? “This project can pave the way for a modern, ground-breaking system of financing national research and development projects" - wrote earlier  prof. Krzysztof Piech on Twitter.

TecraCoin is to be an instrument based on blockchain technology, which will guarantee safe participation in a specially created investment fund. The investment portfolio will be the so-called high technologies (high-tech industry), from which graphene stands out. It may turn out that the development of this neglected market, which has been mentioned in our country for many years, will succeed in the end.


Tecra’s blockchain is based on Zcoin, Dash and Bitcoin code.

Currently, the team is working on changing the algorithm from lyra2z for MTP.  This change is important because it will prevent mining on devices such as ASIC. “This is an important ideological and marketing factor. The idea of Satoshi Nakamoto is close to us: one computer, one vote” - explains Przemys┼éaw Karda, the Managing Partner of the project.

In addition, a mobile token wallet will be published soon. For now, Tecra can only offer “traditional” versions of the application.

What is important for further development, the project is currently in talks with KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority), in order to exclude its work from the supervision of this institution as they may tie the hands of the creators.

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