Why TecraCoin?

Here you can find a list of the key features of the TecraCoin project :

  • Own blockchain (2018)
  • Polish Financial Supervisory Commission approval (May 2019)
  • MTP protocol implementation (August 2019)
  • Four graphene patents (including revolutionary graphene light bulbs) and a few licences for using other high-tech (waste industry).
  • Two grants for R&D (c. $4m and $200 000) from European Union Smarth Growth program. 
  • 1-year long ICO (like e.g. EOS), ending in January 2020
  • Own investment platform (2020)-  Tecra Space
  • Own smart contracts (2020)
  • Own mobile and desktop wallets (2021)
  • Own DEX (2022)

What is the difference between Tecra and other projects?

Our project is backed with patents, private sales and state R&D grants.

We want to decrease the costs and speed-up the process of entering the high-tech ideas to the market through own investment platform - Tecra Space

We want to eliminate some intermediaries, to generate profits on this and share those profits with our community that holds TecraCoins and digital tokens representing patents. https://tecra.space

How is your innovation going to help the industry and to which industry does it apply?

Currently, we are at an advanced stage of research on patented graphene technologies.

Those techs will radically change the desired properties of many technologies commonly used today, such as e.g. hydrophobicity, barrier properties, biocidal properties, thermal and electrical conductivity, and increase in sliding properties. 

The project is being implemented in cooperation with the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which holds the highest academic rank of A+, according to the Ministry of Science in Poland. 

It is currently running research on the production of new graphene materials and their composites: GO graphene oxide, GF flake graphene, GP porous graphene, porous graphene intercalated with nanometal particles (silver, iron, gold) and TiO2 titanium metal oxides, and iron oxides Fe2O3. 

Tecra Ltd has identified a few niches, where other applications of graphene did not perform well-enough, and works on transforming the scientific ideas into profitable products available on the market.  

For more information visit Tecra Space

Why do you think this project will work?

Through the use of blockchain, tokenization on our platform and smart contracts, Tecra brings innovation to the old-fashioned model of science. We have an experienced, large, international team that is able to cooperate between scientists and businessmen. 

What skills or experience does the team have that can claim their chain will be amongst the best Blockchains in the world?

The founders have a vast experience in crypto mining (since 2014). It was a TOP-5 altcoin mine in the world in 2017 (Belters) and is TOP-10 Zcoin mine in the world (2019). It is one of the oldest and leading altcoin mines in Central and Eastern Europe with high trust and reputation.

• Przemek Karda is an entrepreneur, a former Polish military officer and also the author of a bestselling science-fiction book in Poland.

• With Lukasz Gromek, programmer and engineer, they established Belters mine.

• Robert Anacki is a vice-president of co-ruling political party in Poland, an experienced businessman especially in online and traditional marketing, he’s also running companies in Germany.

• Krzysztof Podolski has created the largest negotiating group in Western Poland.

• Professor Stręk is one of the leading graphene scientists in the world.

• Professor Piech is the most recognisable blockchain propagator in Poland (in Bitcoin since 2011), f. business leader of 50+ Polish gov. blockchain advisors, author of first in the world crypto exchange self-regulations.

50+ team members. 

What problem are you trying to solve and why do you need a blockchain for it?

We want to solve the problem of patent funding by providing a blockchain-based decentralized funding solution.

Those patents will be tokenized on our own blockchain, which will use smart contracts. 

They will be purchased with TecraCoins, only.

Our spin-off companies will be supposed to buy-back TCR coins and their tokens from the market. 

For more information visit Tecra Space

Why have you created your own blockchain instead of running the existing one?

Ethereum and most other blockchains 2.0 are universal and designed for all purposes. Our goal is to build a specialised platform. 

Look at e.g. Stellar – it is brilliant in the goals that the team had. We want to build something similar, a specialised blockchain that will be a platform for further DEXs, with our own patents as the first ones. 

This is the path we want to follow.

For more information visit https://tecra.space/tecra-blockchain

On which tech is your mainnet build on?

TecraCoin blockchain is a fork of a famous privacy-focused Zcoin. 

We have just finished implementation of MTP ASIC-resistant protocol. 

For more information visit Tecra Space

How many Masternodes do you already have?

Around 500 masternodes

For more information visit https://tecra.space/tecra-blockchain

How many TCRs are needed to buy one Masternode?

10,000 TCR = 1 Masternode

For more information visit https://tecra.space/tecra-blockchain

How high is the profitability of a Masternode?

Daily - 0.2%

Monthly - 6%

Annually - 70% as of September 2018

For more information visit https://tecra.space/tecra-blockchain

Where will the IEO be held?

Latoken: 18th of September 2019

Binance Launchpad: pending for approval

Probit: pending for approval

We are in contact with other exchanges as well.

For more information visit Tecra Space

What’s the starting date of the IEO?

18th of September 2019

For more information visit Tecra Space

What’s the IEO price?

#1 Round 18/09 - 02/10 => 1.92 USD (instead of 2.40 USD, discount 20%)

#2 Round 05/10 - 19/10 => 2.00 USD (instead of 2.50 USD, discount 20%)

#3 Round 22/10 - 04/11 => 2.12 USD (instead of 2.50 USD, discount 15%)

#4 Round 07/11 - 21/11 => 2.34 USD (instead of 2.60 USD, discount 10%)

For more information visit https://tecra.space/tecra-blockchain

How many coins will be offered in the IEO?

15 000 000 TCR

For more information visit https://tecra.space/tecra-blockchain

What is IPR?

IPR is Intellectual Property Rights. The most common examples are patents.

For more information visit Tecra Space

Are Tecra coins listed on any exchange?

Not yet. In the 2020, we will be on other exchanges.

For more information visit https://tecra.space/news/tecracoin-on-the-hotbit-cryptocurrency-exchange

How many tokens will be issued per each patent?

It depends on each case.

For more information visit https://tecra.space/news/tokenization

How much capital has been fund-raised so far?

1.2 million USD has been fund raised so far. 

For more information visit Tecra Space

How much funding is for hardcap and softcap?

Everything depends on the project that is placed on the platform.  

For more information visit Tecra Space

Does the Tecra team plan a holder bonus or a staking bonus?

Yes, before trading starts, we will launch something like crypto deposits. 

From the start of the blockchain network, dedicated TCRs are collected from each block, which will be periodically paid in an automated way to the portfolios of people who will create crypto deposits for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. 

Each holder will thus be able to increase their ownership at each investment level.

For more information visit https://tecra.space/news/tecra-space-success-is-a-success-of-every-single-tecracoin-holder

How can I contact the team if I have a promotional offer / marketing offer / proposal?

You can visit our website : https://tecra.space/contact

When will the coin be traded on exchange?

TCRs should be listed in the Q4 2020. 

For more information visit https://tecra.space/news/tecracoin-on-the-hotbit-cryptocurrency-exchange

Which wallets does TecraCoin support?

TCRs can only be stored on TecraCoin wallets: Links for download https://tecra.space/tecra-blockchain

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